Broadband and Fixed Wireless


VokeTel Broadband & Wireless in a new-age value-added distributor of broadband and fixed-wireless equipment. The company enables ISPs and Telecom carriers to deliver last-mile broadband network infrastructure quickly using breakthrough broadband and fixed-wireless solutions. Using our solutions, our customers deliver broadband access to thousands of commercial and residential users in North America and the Caribbean markets.

The company distributes leading broadband and fixed-wireless products of pre-WiMAX Multi-Service access systems. The solutions include a family of base stations, relay systems, and subscriber units operating in 2.3 to 10.5 GHz frequency bands for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployments. The systems we offer are scalable using IP-based technology that creates an unbeatable combination of high-performance triple play, affordable link costs, and ease of deployment.

VokeTel Broadband & Wireless is dedicated to delivery a range of benefits to service providers worldwide including; IP-based multi-service scalability with QoS ensuring VoIP interoperability, network reliability with high spectral efficiency, rapid network deployment, high return on investment based on affordable link costs and commitment to emerging standards, such as, WiMAX.

As a Value Added Distribution (VAD) we offer world-class support that includes: