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About Voketel

VokeTel is a leading provider of distribution and value-added logistics services to the next generation Tele-Communications industry. At VokeTel we facilitate the effective and efficient distribution and integration of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) as Integrated Access Devices (IADs) focusing on Internet Protocol (IP) network edge-devices and related accessories from leading manufacturers. As a dedicated supply integrator of IADs in the Americas (Canada/US/Caribbean), with operations centers and/or sales offices in Canada, and the United States, VokeTel provides services to a customer base of more than 500 network operators, manufacturers, agents/resellers, dealers and retailers, in over 26 countries. The Company’s value added logistics services include marketing, inventory management, and product fulfillment of end user devices connecting to packet switching technology platforms. The VokeTel Billing system is a unified software platform providing a scalable solution to address the growing billing, mediation and customer care needs of VoIP service providers combining VoIP and data capabilities in a single solution.

Our purpose is:

To supply, deliver and provision the customer edge with customer centric, interoperable devices that are proven provisional from the VokeTel platform and manageable from the proprietary TeleTrack Customer, Order, Registration and eCare system. (C.O.R.E.)